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SEB Awarded "Happy Company" by CareerEye for Outstanding Work Environment and Employee Satisfaction

No jury, no fuss, just employees having their say - 100% transparent!

We at CareerEye are delighted to announce that SEB has been awarded our prestigious "Happy Company" award. This accolade is given to employers who excel in the category of "Work Environment & Employee Satisfaction" based on high ratings from their own employees.

CareerEye is a platform dedicated to helping candidates find the right employer, with the help of reviews from current and former employees. The 'Happy Company' award is a strength for the employer and a testament to their genuine care for the well-being and work environment of their employees.

At SEB, we are honored to be recognized by CareerEye as a 'Happy Company.' This award highlights our dedication to creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment for our employees. We believe that a positive workplace is essential for the well-being and success of our team, and this recognition is really a testament to our ongoing efforts to prioritize employee satisfaction and engagement.

Malin Brant-Lundin, Head of Talent Management @ SEB

At SEB, the well-being and satisfaction of employees are highly valued, as reflected in the positive feedback from their employees. One of the most notable aspects highlighted is the company's inclusive work culture, where every employee's voice is heard and appreciated. Additionally, SEB has invested significantly in creating a work environment that is both safe and inspiring, contributing to employees' ability to perform at their best.

One SEB employee shared their experience: "A fantastically friendly and pleasant workplace with an exceptionally high level of competence among all employees. Long-term thinking where People are an important part of the company's strategy"

We at CareerEye would like to congratulate SEB for their outstanding efforts and commitment to their employees' well-being. Their success is an excellent example of the importance of fostering a positive work environment for long-term success.

We look forward to following SEB's continued efforts to promote work environment and employee satisfaction, and we hope their example can inspire other companies to do the same.

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